Retribution's Tempest


After encountering and destroying roving bands of werewolves as boys along the Mississippi River, in Maryland and Ohio, Huck leaves his friends and embarks on a journey to find the reason for strange feelings that have overwhelmed him.


He returns to school and after graduation, along with Tom and Jim, they begin new travels through life, which thanks to the alpha werewolf, turn out to be anything other than ordinary.


Jim settles in with his family hundreds of miles away as Huck and Tom join the Army, attend West Point and take their battles with lycanthropes through Mexico, the Civil War and beyond.


As he ages, Huck begins to discover things about his past that lead to new mysteries he must unwind. Set against the background of a young and ever expanding United States, Huck meets, interacts with and befriends many famous Americans of his time.

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