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Who wouldn’t want to be Huck Finn? Most men think they would have loved being the once carefree lad, but after reading this Huck Finn book, they may have second thoughts.


In volume one, “Werewolf Storm Rising” which begins with the structure of Twain’s original work, the journey down the old Mississippi River is made all the more dangerous with the addition of werewolves at every turn. The heroes must learn how to fight, kill and out think the monsters in order to save themselves and innocent people during their journey.


In volume two, “Eye of the Storm” the book moves from the mash up realm, to an original work of historical fiction and horror. Historical figures from 1830’s America lend a unique set of twists to the adventures that unfold for Huck, Tom and Jim. Our heroes chase a bloodthirsty pack of werewolves across the country in order to learn who is leading them and to stop their kidnapping and murdering of slaves and other innocent people. Unknown to them, the leader is smart, ruthless and devoid of human traits that don’t serve his purpose. The alpha will stop at nothing to kill any challengers to his plan.


Volume three, “Retributions Tempest” finds Huck returning to school in Maryland, and along with Tom and Jim beginning new travels through life, which because of the continuing alpha werewolf threat, turn out to be anything other than ordinary. Jim settles hundreds of miles away as Huck and Tom join the Army, attend West Point and take their battles with lycanthropes through Mexico, the Civil War and beyond. Set against the background of an ever expanding United States, Huck’s journey brings him to meet, befriend and sometimes fight with famous Americans of his time.


Volume four, "Sundog Winter" Huck Finn returns to the US to continue his fight against the growing werewolf scourge. He finds himself being hunted as he and the country grow over the decades, culminating in a showdown with his enemies at the top of the earth.

Werewolf Storm Rising

Eye of the Storm

Retribution's Tempest

Sundog Winter

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