Author dp boling is ew fowler when he writes his Huckleberry Finn, Werewolf Slayer stories. He has recruited Mark Twain’s characters, Tom Sawyer, Jim the slave and Huck himself to take on murderous lycanthropes during their voyage down the Mississippi River. Death lurks at every stop along the way and it takes all of their wits and newly acquired fighting skills to stay alive.


In a recent interview on radio station WOCA, Buddy Martin, “The Voice of Ocala” called the books “well written and exciting”. He asked why werewolves and what the author wanted to deliver with the books. “I think that using werewolves, with their two natured mix of human and animal traits, gave me more latitude to work with than zombies or vampires could have

offered. I wanted to stay true to Twain’s emphasis on Huck’s discovery of the inherent evil of slavery, as well as highlight the moral fiber of the characters in the titanic struggle between good against evil that they face.”


“The biggest challenge in the first book was to make the changes, the additions of the monsters, appear seamless in terms of the language, actions and overall expectations one has of the three main characters. Subsequent books which move out of the mashup realm, allow room for growth of those characters.”


Boling, his wife Kathy and Siberian Husky, Bacchus, live in Bradenton, Florida.


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