“Who wouldn’t want to be Huck Finn?” That is the question asked by Buddy Martin on his radio show “The Voice of Ocala” on WOCA 96.7 FM/1370 AM as he interviewed the author about the Huckleberry Finn, Werewolf Slayer books...READ MORE ->

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Volume four of the “Huckleberry Finn, Werewolf Slayer” series is here. The release of “Sundog Winter”, October 27, 2017, mixes historical fiction with horror as Huck and his fighters fight to stave off the continuing threat of the red- eyed lycanthropes that have plagued them since they were teenagers, and now into the 20 th century. In a relentless compulsion, Huck searches for his roots causing him to risk everything, as he travels across the world and the hunter becomes the hunted. Huck tracks and faces Fremont, the antediluvian werewolf, only to find a darker menace growing in the shadows. What awaits Huck and mankind in the future? The future is always uncertain.


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